Pow Wow Princess in Full Regalia

Hi Josie

Welcome to my website also known as Art for the Peaceful

1. The Black and White Gallery contains some of my most recent work exploring the possibilities of transferring my once brilliantly colored photos into black and white imagery and when desired bringing back the colors in muted forms.

2.  The Southwest Gallery is populated by images of old buildings, lonely churches, broken fences, petroglyphs, abandoned cars and other weathered formations and eccentric creations only to be found in the Land of Enchantment and the neighboring Southwestern states.

3.  Here, There and Everywhere, formerly the Nature Gallery, contains all those full color wonders of nature and architectural photos that don’t fit into a Southwestern Box.

4. Josie and the Beasties includes multiple images of my animal family and animal friends in a series of holiday, political and just plain fun cards and mini art prints in which the beasties demonstrate they can be anything their momma wants them to be. 

5. Wanted Sweet Georgia Brown and Friends is a line of whimsical, irreverent and thought provoking images in which one little cowdoggie and her cowpokie friends explore the wild lands of Northern New Mexico spouting thoughts and observations of real life 19th century cowgirls.

6. The Power of Pink and the Art of Peace contains images from John Lennon’s “Imagine” to the marches and rallies and protests questioning the endless wars and empire building of US foreign policy with a particular focus on the work and antics of Code Pink, Women for Peace. ( In a  constant state of process)